Tell a Friend

Let's face it there are a lot of scams here on the web. People will do just about anything to harvest your email address so they send you scads of worthless SPAM. Many new webmasters elect to use a third party remailer who provides them with a free service. Free only because it is used to harvest all the addresses that pass through the system

We wanted a safe effective way for you to spontaneously share the treasures you find here with your friends and maintain your privacy. So we have implemented this method for you to use.

Anywhere you see this image on our site

you will know it safe to use.

What it will do is open up your default email program and populate the subject and one short line of text along with the URL of the page you are currently viewing. You will then need to add your friend's address and send it from your mail program. You may add to the message or completely change it if you desire.

We never see your email or your friends email. The mail is not sent from our server. Your have complete privacy and so does your friend.

We hope you enjoy using it.