Constitutional Amendment Bill Pre-filed By Senator Damon Thayer

On Thursday November 5, 2009 Kentucky State Senator Damon Thayer (R) Georgetown appeared on Sue Wylie's radio program on WVLK radio and announced his intentions to pre-file a bill calling for a constitutional amendment authorizing and allowing up to seven video slots facilities in Kentucky.

If passed by the legislature the amendment would appear on the November 2010 ballot. The amendment if approved by the voters would call for a local option election in each of the seven counties that currently have tracks to decide if they wanted to have slots facilities.

The licenses would then be sold to the highest bidder in order to raise the maximum amount of revenue for the state. The facilities could be a stand alone facility and would not necessarily be located at existing tracks.

By including the local option voters would have two chances to vote expanded gambling down.

Our understanding in that he did in fact file the short 2.5 page bill right after leaving the radio program.

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