Gambling Opportunities in Kentucky

This site is meant to be a Guide to the Casinos of Kentucky.

As most of you already know, the slot machine like instant racing or historical racing machines have come to several race and harness tracks in Kentucky. Honestly speaking the second generation of machines play very much like a real slot machine. One of our 2 new articles tells you where they are Historical Racing in KY .

You still have to take your money to Indiana, Illinois or Ohio if you want to play poker or table games. We hope that will change within the next few years. The Commonwealth is missing out on way to much revenue to not seriously consider legalized casino gambling. We have updated our Riverboats on Ohio River article to reflect some name changes and new openings in the Ohio River Valley.

But! Please play responsibly. Be sure to read our article Leave the casino Happy for some sound advice on how to leave the gaming establishment happy.

We will be adding updated news about casino gaming in Kentucky as the news occurs. We also hope to add a few reviews of the Indiana casinos as time goes along.

Our 3 most recent or updated articles are listed below.

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06-10-2020     in  News
Historical Racing sites to reopen

Like many other businesses the historical racing sites were closed to the covid-19 outbreak.

Derby City Gaming in Louisville reopened on Monday June 8, 2020 and the Red Mile will reopen on Th.......

02-28-2020     in  Articles
Ohio River valley Casinos near Kentucky
Riverboats is not an actual definition anymore. Most if not all of these are permanently docked or been replaced with permanent buildings........

02-27-2020     in  Articles
Kentucky Historical / Instant Racing Locations
Instant racing or historical race wagering is an electronic gambling system that allows players to bet on replays of horse races or dog races that have already been run. .......