How to Leave a Casino Feeling Happy

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Winning in a casino does not necessarily mean leaving with pockets full of money; it is about going home 'not broke' or further in debt. We have all heard the stories about the guy who lost the family farm at the casino. That particular story is most likely an exaggeration. But the dismal truth is people can and do lose a lot more money than they afford and it happens way too often.

How does it happen?
The casino 'high' whether by design or accident tends to numb our senses after a bit of time in the surreal environment. The chatter sounds and stimuli will effectively turn you into a mindless zombie who continues to feed money into the machines or tables long after the thrill is gone.

The lack of natural light, the minor wins along the way, the reduced booze prices, and others following the same path encourage us to continue playing. You are meant to lose all track of time in the casino. Did you ever see a clock in one of them?

When you are down a few bucks, you are even more vulnerable. Just another 10, 20, or 50 and surely your luck will turn. Most who are lucky enough to do that then try to press the matter going for the 'big' win and the process continues.

What can you do to prevent it?
Never take more cash into the casino then you can afford or are willing to lose. If you plan to have multiple game frames, (discussed next), divide your money between the game frames you plan to play.

Set a time for your game frame. The amount of time you will gamble before leaving the casino to grab a sit down meal or do a little window shopping. Unless your time is really tight, even people who are there for a single afternoon should have more than one game frame. Wear a watch, keep it in your pocket or set your cell phone as a stop watch. Quit playing at the end of the allotted time and come back to play some more another day.

If you are there for an extended period of time, divide your gambling money between the days and game frames you have decided to play and quit when your last game frame of the day is finished, go to your room and get good night’s sleep. Live and have money to play another day.

While playing I suggest you avoid drinking adult beverages or do it moderately. No matter how experienced you are with adult beverages they do lower your inhibitions and interfere with your common sense.

If you accept and practice these common sense tips, you will always leave the casino happy. If you don't you might go home broke and wondering how you will pay the rent while your next few paychecks go to the casino.

Enjoy the games and the experience, come back to play another day and be happy when you leave.

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